Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We hit August!

I can't believe summer is half way gone. There is so much going on around here. I am in no way complaining and love me some fall but please Mother earth S-L-O-W it down. 
So far since school has ended we have celebrated H's birthday and a her gift to herself was getting her permit. Two with their permits yet again at the same time . 

Fourth of July means a house full of family . There was food and the baseball game. What better way to spend the day , including some knitting and a box seat we were rocking and rolling. It was a first for my step father. We go to watch the fireworks also and I must say it may  be my new favorite way to do it . It is one of my favorite holidays especially since ninety percent of our family come to stay for a long weekend. We eat, sleep , joke and miss each other more with each time they leave. Kids were building forts out of air mattresses and tons of reading to each other. Nieces and nephews being their own people and no one judging who is marching to the beat of which drum. Just like a bunch of puzzle pieces on a table that when put together create our family. I love to take in the personalities . 

We also go to celebrate O's 1st birthday . This girl is moving right along . Walking, talking , teeth, teeth and more teeth coming in . She is grand-baby number three but not one of them are alike. It is a blessing to watch them grow and see their personalities come out. 
Watching these two cousins only a month apart explore their would together is amazing. Already showing they are different personalities but pieces of the puzzle that makes this family . 
One of my favorite past times has happened. Not as much as I would like but Maddie (my girl below in the tent) and I  will take what we get. Of course living where we do we have several more months of the good weather . 

 So hope your summer had been fun , relaxing and full of exploring!

Peace and Love.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I have had the want to visit this space. The need to get back in touch with it. When I signed in and I saw over a year has gone by I have to wonder where the time has gone,  So many "life things" have taken place and I tried to breath , live and be present in all of it.
The family has grown again  with the addition of two grand babies only a month apart.  The sweetest little ones who bring so much joy. 

The two older grand chics becoming more themselves , learning , living and loving. The cuteness never stops. The minute one shows up the other reacts like it has been ages since they were together.

I have been doing some planning, than I realized that I was always one to make things happen. So I have consciously  been making the extra strive to go back to getting things done. Even the little things like time management, decluttering and reading a book. I will be glad to announce that I have taught myself how to crochet! Talked myself into getting rid of craft supplies and stuff that are taking up space.

Hope all is well and will be back again real soon.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yarn Along

Linking up to the yarn along.
While enjoying the break I got the chance to pick up knitting needles and got to relax and recenter some. I knocked out a few projects for my kids. I am going post the pictures and links for the patterns.They were all pretty easy knits. The kind you didn't have to pay a ton of attention to.The kind of thing to catch up on a few shows or read. (the knitting and reading would make my life so much easier). The blueish grey hat was for my oldest daughter. Its called the Banana Republic hat. The off white is for my sons girlfriend, called the Knit Night Hat. Than there were two pair of socks that had to get made. For my daughter G and my son J. The ankle sock pattern is my go to pattern. G loves knitted socks. But the high sock pattern was a nice break using the thicker yarn. I have noticed that when I buy yarn from the local craft store, anything with wool my eyes and nose itch and get so stuffy. My fingers get alittle irritated also in the cooler weather when I knit with wool if I don't keep a ton of lotion on my hands. We all know as fiber artist how can I possible exist in a world were I can't utilize wool, the horror. I can't bare to think about it. All the projects were done in plain old craft store yarn.
 The Knit night hat
Had to show you the brim close up. Love this pattern

An here are the socks and last hat. That green is G's favorite color.

As for reading , I am trying to keep that a nice balance also. Taproot is in hand every time there is a chance to sit and just be. Those beautiful stories that are quick enough in between chores but leave you mind processing for a while fill the soul. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day after Christmas

We don't let the season go that easy. Our store bought gifts are given on Christmas but I am still crafting away for January 6th. This day ends our season. I am going to throw out into the universe "much thanks" . We have such greatful children . I hope everyone is staying Merry and wrapping yourselves in the warmth of this beautiful season. Here are just a few pictures of the going ons , as the homemade gifts become complete I promise to share. 

 Peace and love

Monday, October 7, 2013

A good busy

School back in session, fall weather was here for a few weeks but we just got through a week of summers temps again. Of course I purchased my first pair or rain boots and not a drop of rain in the sky.  It seems like there has been a lot of here and there running over the last few weeks  and still more to come for the month of October. But keeping a positive frame of mind and thankful that we were welcomed by friends and family, grateful to be there , here and everywhere.We head to our cousins birthday in western mountains of NC. Just the perfect trip. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery , beautiful people. 

The girls did some mining for the first time . This week I am gonna head to the library so we can figure out what we found in some books.
Football thrown around by daddy and N . Than by the girls! 

Special treat of pizza that was not homemade. We try to eat clean all the time but nothing wrong with a treat.

Colors of autumn that haven't reached our area yet. I love this time of year. Here are a few more pictures of the area my cousin lives in . They are taken by H.

Yep that's the unpaved road to her house. Love it! I want to be her neighbor.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Falling welcomed here

School back in session, crisp mornings and beautiful days are here . Although I hate the loss of lazy summer days the change ( early this year) are more than welcome. We got to spend one of the first days loving on miniature donkeys and a Great Dane named George who all love the attention.
Even though this picture is very simple my baby girl's smile just warms my heart because she was so in her element. Also Eeyore , the three moth old little guy behind her was nibbling her leg. Jenny is the mama who never lets anyone pet her but thought N was worthy of rubbing her head.

G ( my one who walks on the careful side of life) found her time we'll spent with a charming little man. Charlie stole her heart. 

Than H split her time with all the animals with mostly focusing on George . He was a absolute love and if that is a Great Dane trait I want to have many of them.
I am so ready for fall comforts from clothes to food. Knitting and easy crochet to Apple picking and apple sauce canning. Of course there is plenty of room for all pumpkin recipes! My Pinterest should start filling up fast. I hate to see the sunlight become shorter in duration but I get so excited for Autumn. 
There have been a few recipes tried . One above I absolutly love called Dried Cherry seed Crisp. They were perfect with cream cheese.
My weekly batch of granola, It always goes just pretty  fast and the recipe can be found here.  I use it to throw together some granola bars for the kids snacks and also goes great in yogurt. Some added dried cherries , dried cranberries and chocolate chips are my favorites.
Hope you have a great day
Peace and Love


Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy Summer

Maybe it's just my house and I am in no way complaining but Summer is like a whirl wind around here. All in a good way like crafting , trips to the library and trying to tend a small garden that has been battling way to much rain. We are hoping to save our tomatoes , all of the Laos plants ( lemon grass, peppers and eggplants) are sucking it up. We have a hill in our yard so the groom has been adding tiers to it so we have more flat space . I need to order fall seeds . There is knitting and crochet when there is a minute to breath and while in the car. Walks for fire wood ( this mama is not paying for wood) for our fire pit.  We are finally Carolina summer temps here. It has been wet since it seems like the beginning of the past winter not to mention flurries in our mountains on Memorial Day. Whats that about?

Of course we have to add eye doctors appointments with left us with a daughter needing full time glasses and actually very happy about it. No these aren't them, she had to be dilated.And yes she rocked them for about a hour. 
A friend of the family had twin girls so these need to have buttons added and shipped back home for their sweet girls to wear.The Booties pattern I used was found here and the hat was here.

We are actually already working on the third  tier now and the pool got a hole. Looks like trips to the beach  and lake . Damn

Everything coming along and so glad we are going the DIY route. My neighbor recently told me she looked into the same thing and was quoted 5k. Um NO!
G grew these this year. They were a gift from our cousin in the mountains here. G is all about the seeds. She could live off them . I am glad that with the wild flowers on the hill and these guys we have had some beautiful pollinators hanging out.
Than there was the all natural pest control. Love these little guys . I think he was actually trying to get into the bird feeder. 
Hope you are all rocking the summer.
Peace and Love

City of Brotherly Love

City of Brotherly Love
Beautiful Boat House Row